Our Team

CALSNIC is a multidisciplinary group consisting of academic neurologists, MR scientists, and pathologists.

University of Alberta – National Site
Dr. Sanjay Kalra, National Principal Investigator
Dennell Mah, National Research Coordinator
Brian Steele, Research Assistant
Muhammad Khan, Research Technician
Dr. Chris Hanstock, MR Scientist
Dr. Alan Wilman, MR Scientist
Dr. Dean Eurich, Biostatistician
Dr. Herb Yang, Computer Scientist

University of British Columbia
Dr. Hannah Briemberg, Principal Investigator
Marife Fabros, Research Coordinator

University of Calgary
Dr. Lawrence Korngut, Principal Investigator
Dr. Victoria Hodgkinson, Research Coordinator
Dr. Richard Frayne, MR Scientist

University of Toronto
Dr. Lorne Zinman, Principal Investigator
Dr. Yana Yunusova, Researcher – Speech Lab
Shirley Pham, Research Coordinator
Dr. Simon Graham, MR Scientist

Western University
Dr. Christen Shoesmith, Principal Investigator
Christine Piechowicz, Research Coordinator

McGill University
Dr. Angela Genge, Principal Investigator
Kristiana Salmon, Research Coordinator
Natalie Saunders, Research Coordinator

Université Laval
Dr. Annie Dionne, Principal Investigator
Dr. Nicholas Dupre, Co-Investigator
Alexandra Simard, Research Coordinator